How to Take Action

Ways you can help keep weights in prisons are listed below:

Everyone can:

  1. Read the information available at this web site to become well informed on the issue.

  2. Consider joining the NCRA.

  3. Share the Issues List and the NCRA Position Statement with anyone who is willing to listen.

  4. Write your legislature (state and federal). Be sure to enclose a copy of the Issues List and the NCRA Position Statement. Encourage your family and friends to write as well. A link to a congressional e-mail site is provided in the Links to Other Web Sites section.

  5. Try to determine the position of legislators on weightlifting in prisons before electing them. Voting is a major tool. Use it.

  6. Make others aware of this web site. Press releases announcing the opening of this web site are stored in the Press Releases segment of the Strength Tech Products and Information section and can be printed off and distributed.

Correctional Administrators can:

  1. Develop a working relationship with the press.

  2. Develop a working relationship with the legislature.

  3. Encourage tours of the recreational portion of the facility.

  4. Support the recreational staff in their needs for funding, staff, physical facilities and equipment.

Correctional Recreators can:

  1. Make sure your prison administration is aware of the importance of recreation in their facility.

  2. Encouraging tours of the recreational areas.

  3. Encourage competitions with outside sports teams.

  4. Participate in the NCRA and encourage your associates to as well.

  5. Become involved with a local college recreation department. Increase their awareness correctional recreation opportunities, encourage tours, and mentor a student.

  6. At least once a year, bring in the local press to view an activity and tour your area.

  7. Run the best and safest programs possible.

Legislators can:

  1. Visit prisons in their area and be especially aware of the recreation and weighlifting programs.

  2. Develope relationships with correctional administrators.

  3. Encourage legislators wishing to limit or ban weightlifting in prisons to develop single issue bills focusing on weightlifting (not involving telephones, cable TV, hot plates, etc) that do not involve funding. If they wish to ban weightlifting, fine, encourage them to create a bill that bans weightlifting. When they involve other issues it becomes more difficult to determine the will of the people on individual items (weightlifting). When bills carry funding provisions, they eventually get rolled into huge appropriation bills and it is very difficult to address individual items (hard to respond to the will of the people).

  4. Encourage other legislators to visit prisons and to view the prison recreation and weightlifting programs.

Inmates can:

  1. Participate and encourage others to participate in the prison recreational weightlifting program.

  2. Be "model" inmates and set good behavioral examples for others. Encourage others to never be involved in incidents in the rec areas and to never use weightlifting equipment as weapons.

  3. Take good care of weightlifting equipment and minimize breakage.

  4. Send us any articles about weightlifting in your prison or other prisons. We will post them.

  5. Be "model" citizens upon release.

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