Wagner Phd. Thesis
Printed in Prison Journal


19 June 1999
We announced Matthew Wagner's doctoral thesis last year. His Texas A&M thesis, titled "The effects of isotonic resistance exercise on aggression variables in adult male inmates incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.", has been summarized and printed in "The Prison Journal." Vol.79 No.1. March 1999. Pages 72-89. The article was titled, "The effect of weight-training exercise on aggression variables in adult male inmates" and included a very thorough list of references.

A big thanks to Matthew for devoting his Phd. to this much needed research area, and thanks again for getting it more widely noticed by the correctional community by adapting it to "The Prison Journal."

240 inmates (139 lifters and 101 controls) participated for 8 weeks. Psychometric tests were given before the program began, midway, and at its conclusion. These tests measured psychological variables such as anger, hostility, etc.

He performed an excellent study and laid some great groundwork for others to build upon. We strongly encourage others to build upon his work.

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