Special Report:
Sports in Prison

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Sunday 22 March 1998

Updated 18 June 1999
The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a "special report" on prison sports Sunday 22 March 1998. The report consisted of four sections. The sections were titled:
  • When weightlifting was banned in Georgia's prisons
  • Less Fun, Fewer Games for Georgia Inmates: PRO
  • Less Fun, Fewer Games for Georgia Inmates: CON
  • Less Fun, Fewer Games for Georgia Inmates: Female Inmates

    Congratulations to the author, Matt Winkeljohn, for his extensive research and excellent work in preparing these articles.

    Earlier, we posted the report here for your convenince, however, the Atlanta Journal Constitution saw it otherwise. Please read our correspondence with them below. Bottom line, they wanted us to pay them $200 a year to display the article after our site and myself were major contributors to their article. Imagine a few expletives here !!!!!.

    Warning to US

    Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:18:42 -0400
    From: jryan@ajc.com
    To: gpolson@strengthtech.com
    Subject: Web site reprint permission
    To whom it may concern:
    It has come to our attention that your web site has produced all or
    virtually all of an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    The Atlanta Journal and Constitution own the copyright to this article, and
    while you may not be aware of it, the reproduction of the article without
    our permission violates copyright law.  The Journal-Constitution would be
    pleased to consider granting your organization permission to continue
    displaying the article.  Obtaining permission involves the payment of a
    small fee and the inclusion of some simple prescribed language giving
    source credit to the Journal-Constitution.  If you would like to obtain
    permission, please fax a letter to 404-614-2701.
    If you do not want to obtain permission, we ask that you remove the article
    from your web site immediately, and contact me promptly to let me know that
    you have done so.  You may contact me at 404-582-7561 or jryan@ajc.com.
    If you have received this letter in error, and have already obtained
    reprint permission, we do apologize.  Please fax me a copy of your invoice
    and reprint permission form to 404-614-2701 so we may correct our records.
    We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
    Jennifer Ryan

    My Response

    Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 08:20:09 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Gary Polson 
    To: jryan@ajc.com
    Subject: Re: Web site reprint permission
    On Mon, 31 May 1999 jryan@ajc.com wrote:
    > To whom it may concern:
    > It has come to our attention that your web site has produced all or
    > virtually all of an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    I would like to explain the situation in which the article
    was reprinted. We run an educational web site on the issue
    of weight lifting in prisons.
    You will note the article in question,
    Included a link to your web site and was properly referenced.
    My non-profit web site was actually extensively used by 
    Mr. Winkeljohn in preparation of the article and I also was
    personally interviewed. A great deal of information was 
    supplied to AJC at no charge.
    We also called national attention to this article at the
    1998 National Correctional Recreation Assoc Convention,
    just prior to its printing. We encouraged all present to
    try to obtain a copy of the Sunday AJC.
    We try to provide access to legislation and media coverage
    of the issue of lifting in prisons. When a publisher such 
    a you archives the
    text and charges for access, we have seen many eventually
    stop providing access even for a fee (the article is 
    permanently lost). Also, our readers
    are usually very reluctant to try to find their way through
    your system, setup and account, and order the article.
    In the interest of trying to get them to read it, we 
    provided a copy (but we did encourage them to read the one
    from your site first).
    We do this on a totally non-profit basis and have
    invested thousands of man hours in the website.
    Would you please consider some method by which we could
    come in compliance without being charged a fee.
    Thank you for your assistance!
    gary polson
    strength tech
    stillwater ok

    Their Final Response

    Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 16:45:11 -0400
    From: jryan@ajc.com
    To: Gary Polson 
    Subject: Re: Web site reprint permission
    Thank you for your prompt reply and explanation.  To protect the integrity
    of our newspaper, we must keep track of organizations and individuals that
    reprint our material, thus we require that reprint permission must always
    be obtained prior to distribution.
    At this time, reprint permission fees are waived for only educational
    institutions.  All non-profit organizations are charged the same fee.  For
    web reprint permission, the fee for non-profits is $50/per article for the
    period of one year.  If you would like to continue displaying the four AJC
    articles on your site, please mail a check for $200 to:
    Stacks Information Service
    P.O. Box 4689
    Atlanta, GA  30302
    If you choose not to pay, please take the articles down within the next 30
    days, and message me to let me know that you have done so.  You may cite
    the articles and link to our Stacks archive service at no charge.  While
    the archive does charge for full-text viewing, I can assure you that the
    articles will not be permanently lost, but will remain in the archive
    forever.  The web address is :  http://stacks.ajc.com
    Please let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me or calling
    Thank you very much,
    Jennifer Ryan
    News Research
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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