1. He did respond.

2. We wrote him on May 19th and received his June 9th dated letter on June 24th 1994.

3. We made our letter sound as "life and death" as possible concerning our small business (and it is). He responded with comments about over 60 amendments being proposed to the Crime Bill, several passing, and greatly changing the final language of the bill. Sounds like either he couldn't keep up, didn't care to keep up, or they need a new system.

4. He thanks me for my views and tells me the bill has passed the House banning weight lifting and "I always appreciate hearing from concerned Oklahomans." Maybe he didn't read the part of my letter that said this bill will kill by small business and destroy what my family has been working toward for 12 years?

5. He did send us a little information on the PRYCE AMENDMENT this was the first time we were able to get anything on paper about it. We had even had the spelling wrong before (Price vs. Pryce).

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