National Correctional Recreation Association
30th Annual Conference Ft. Collins CO
March 5th - 8th, 1997

Here are the notes from some of the sessions I attended plus some business items.

  • The Zimmer Amendment" by Melanie Hurst and Dick Edwards

  • "The Zimmer Amendment in Washington" Dennis Miller

  • FBOP Guidelines For Conforming to the Zimmer Amendment

  • "The State of Recreation in Corrections" by Aristedes Zavaras

  • Conference Program
  • Conference Business
  • Strength Tech's General Report on Attending the Conference

  • Conference Program

    The Larimer County Sheriff's Department Presents "Correctional Recreation in the Colorado Rockies"

    A listing of the major sessions is below:

    Building "Steam" in your Self, Jep Enck
    NCRA Introduction, Steve Erickson
    Creative Recovery (watercolor artist), Herb Thomson
    Direct Supervision Jails, Terry Ferebee
    The Zimmer Amendment, Melanie Hurst and Dick Edwards
    Critical Incident Debriefing, Dr. Leonard Medoff
    Developmental Theater Workshop, Cary Ezzell
    Volunteers on the Inside, Debra Nault
    The Quantum Leap from Practitioner to Professor, Dr. Kelly Asmussen
    The Critical Thinker and You, Diana Short
    Jumpstart your Grantsmanship, Lorrie Wolfe
    Breaking Through the Confines of Lifeless Presentations, Shelly Ramsey White
    Dealing with an Aging Population, Donald Lamb
    Managing Stress with Humor, Maureen Balzer
    Mind Games: Teaching Inmates to Think, Jeani Stoddard
    Assessment of Health Risks, Dr. D. DeVoe, L. Randsell, and C. Kennedy
    Jolly Good British Prison Recreation Programs, Eric Brookens
    Marketing Correctional Recreation Services, Cheryl Jonas
    Basketball isn't the ONLY Activity, Ann Gough Iverson
    Large Scale Maps (painting them), Jennifer Iole
    The Zimmer Amendment in Washington, Dennis Miller
    Wellness Programs for the Corrections Professional, Bob Tlustos
    Gangs in Prison, Carl O'Neil

    Conference Business

    The next Conference will be in Oklahoma March 4-7, 1998.

    The 1999 conference will be in the east. Hartford CT has announced interest but must submit an official bid.

    The 2000 conference will be in the west.

    A new president, DIck Edwards of FCI Sandstone was elected to replace the outgoing president, Steve Erickson.

    Strength Tech's General Report on Attending the Conference

    First we want to give a great big thanks to the conference hosts, Betsy Matten and Jennifer Iole. They made us all feel very welcome and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. The conferences have all had a friendly atmosphere, this one was even more so than usual.

    On the way in we had a few problems with the airlines. We flew Tulsa to Denver and then tried to ride on Mesa to Ft. Collins/Loveland. Mesa's little puddle jumper had one engine that wouldn't start, one pilot on his very first commercial flight, and both pilots lacked a lot in professionalism (lots of cuss words spoken in public). Lora was trying to get off before we finally took off. If we ever do that again, we will just rent a car and drive up to Ft. Collins (less than an hour drive).

    We enjoyed the Fort Collins Plaza Inn and we really enjoyed Ft. Collins.We took the opportunity that many did to tour the huge Budwiser plant nearby.

    It was our second year to try to demonstrate our web site at our exhibit booth. We rented a computer locally and it all went amazingly smooth.

    While at the conference, there were several questions about the exact wording of some bills before Congress. Two nights Lora and I went over to Morgan Library at Colorado State University to use the internet to download copies of the latest wording of the bills. Just a few months later this same library as well as much of Ft. Collins was devastated by flooding. We sure wish the University and City well as they were very nice to us.

    I felt like we were "spewing money" (spending like typical tourists), but everything was economical and we had a good time. We found a great burger bar called Coopersmiths Brewing Company, a real nice Mexican Food place called the Armadillo, and number of quaint shops in the "old downtown" section of town.

    Many were speaking of increased efforts to conduct research to help justify current and new efforts in correctional recreation. Dr. Kelly Asmussen gave us a reference that might prove helpful:

    Strength Training and Leisure Counseling as Treatments 
         for Institutionalized Juvenile Delinquents
    by Wayne W. Munson. Kent State, Stanley B. Baker and 
         Herbert M. Lurdegren of Penn State.
    Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly 1985. Vol. 2, Pages 65-75.
    We would like to add our special thanks to Jeanie Stoddard who "resigned" after several years of producing the NCRA publications. She did a wonderful job, was a great asset to the organization and we wish her publications. She did a wonderful job, was a great asset to the organization and we wish her well.

    Also we would like to thank the NCRA for awarding the John Pike Memorial Award to Gary for his work in providing information about weightlifting in prisons on the Strength Tech web site and for his work with the organization.

    On the way back to the Ft. Collins/Loveland Airport we took a side trip and visited the beautiful Estes Park area.

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