NCRA 1998 Conference

National Correctional Recreation Association
31th Annual Conference Oklahoma City OK
March 4th - 6th, 1998

Note: This is Strength Tech's web site. This is not an "official" NCRA document. We are just posting some information about the upcoming National Conference to help "spread the word."

It was great to have the conference back in Oklahoma again. The conference was held at the Radisson Inn Hotel in Oklahoma City and was hosted by FCI El Reno.

The conference theme was "Recreation, Working Under A New Look To Make the Connection".

Some of the topics and speakers were:

Recreation Under A New Look, S.Schwalb and R. McElwqee (Keynote Speakers)
Laws, Amendments & Proposals, Gary Polson 
Institutional Programs Inc, B. Farrell
Get The Facts Out About the NCRA, D. Edwards
Other Alternatives to Sports, A. Iverson
Program Review Analysis, D. Veltrie of the BOP
Other Alternatives to Sports, A. Iverson
Working With Juvenile Corrections F. Driscoll
State of Washington Fee Based Recreation System, Charlie Washburn
Innovative Programs and Technology, M. Lefors
Modern Era of Health and Wellness, K. Mortisugu
Designing Effective Wellness Programs, J. Stoddard
Using Tai Chi Chuan, Okla Corrections
Program Evaluation, Dr. Gail McCall
About a dozen vendors (including us) exhibited their goods and supplied door prizes. A bus was provided to "bricktown" one night to eat and tours were taken of FCI El Reno.

Attendance was up and everybody seemed to have a great time at the conference. A big thanks to Cleveland Bell of FCI El Reno the conference host.

If you would like to learn a little more about the NCRA or to some information about past conferences, checkout out our NCRA Page.

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