NCRA 1999 Banquet

NCRA 1999 Banquet

The banquet was very nice. We had a buffet with roast beef, fish and some great desserts, including carrot cake and apple pie.

Conference Host

Larry was nervous all week as the hundreds of details in putting together such a large conference weighed down on him and he worried about what might go wrong. But, it all went great! A big thanks to Larry and all who helped him !!.

That's Bob, our acting president, and after the elections were announced, our president, peering over the side of the podium. Thanks and congratulations to him as well !!!

Featured Speaker

It was great to see Clyde Hill again. He retired a few years ago, but came out to speak to the group. His topic was the history of the NCRA.

New Chairperson of the Board

Ann is our new chairperson. She also did a great job in helping select and pass out the awards for recreational activities.

New V.P.

Steve is our new vice president. Great to see him continue to contribute his leadership skills to the organization.

Upcoming Conference Sites Anounced

A brief presentation by Fresno California was given (home of the 2000 conference) and it was announced that Indianapolis has won in the spirited contest against Omaha to host the 2001 conference.

Retiring the Colors

The Connecticut Honor Guard did a nice job in retiring the colors. Special thanks to them for coming out in some pretty bad weather on a Saturday night.

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