NCRA 1999 Vendors

NCRA 1999 Vendors

The vendors area was a little snug and certainly too tight to throw a luncheon or party in, but it was the site of the frequent 50/50 drawings used to raise funds for a portable computer for the organization and to give away vendor "door prizes."

Vendors included: Anaconda Sports, Linear Rubber Products, A-1 Screen Printing and Embroidery, The Saints Prison Ministry, M.E. O'Brien & Son, MMI Federal Marketing Services, Strength Tech, Collegiate Pacific, Mini Gym, BSN, Norex Group, Big Ben Games, New England Fitness Distributors, and D.K. FamiGames, New England Fitness Distributors, and D.K. Family Learning.

Noticeably absent, was Dwight who used to be with San Antonio Music. He recently traded jobs. Pat from BSN brought some contact info from him. He is with H&H Music Company in San Antonio at (800) 344-6174. He has been a long time supporter of the NCRA and we missed him in the vendor room.

Pat with BSN

Chet with Mini Gym
catching up on the news during a slow moment

Lora with Strength Tech

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