When time permits I am going to try to apply some of the more gee-whiz internet techniques (animation, classy graphics, etc) to some weight lifting applications on this page.

For the moment we are stacking some ideas in progress here.

Note all these works are Copyright Strength Tech, Inc. 1996.

We volunteered to help Erik at Erik's Powerlifting Place (a link is in our links section) to "brighten up" one of his photos. Like most powerlifting photos we seem to never have enough light. We used Photoshop to bump the brightness and contrast up a bit, then used the levels tool to expand the range of white and black (more things shown as white and more things shown as black). We tried the sharpness tool, but it made the photos grainy (probably already cropped by him from a larger print). Then we converted from RGB to indexed 8 bit color to make the files smaller. End result is a pretty nice photo. We couldn't help but try some of the nifty Photoshop filters on it. The results are posted below. We are posting these photos here as an easy way for Erik to pick them up. They belong to him - your welcome to look at them but he has the copyrights to them.

  • Original Photo erik.gif 77K bytes
  • Enhanced Photo erike.gif 72K bytes
  • Embossed FIlter erikb.gif 110K bytes
  • Trace Filter erikt.gif 70K bytes
  • Edge Filter erikg.gif 111K bytes
  • Wind Filter erikw.gif 94K bytes

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