Depew OK Powerlifting Meet
December 1985

Here are a number of photos I shot a local powerlifting meet in Depew Oklahoma in December of 1985. I was training on occasion with the OSU (Oklahoma State Powerlifting Team) at the OSU Colvin Center and went along to photograph the meet. I believe I have some more photos of this meet and will post them in the future.

The photos are almost entirely of the OSU team, with the exception of a couple nice photos of Rickey Dale Crain.

You will note that the OSU team did a great job of supporting one another. Many of them are on the platform yelling their team mates to completed lifts. They trained very supportively as well. I really enjoyed training with them.

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Here are a couple of photos of Bryan Cunningham in the squat. Bryan was a very enthusiastic lifter and rode a motorcycle around town. I think he was an ex-marine.

  • Bryan Cunningham squat 1 37K bytes

  • Bryan Cunningham squat 2 32K bytes

    Next is Mike Barkil in the squat. Mike is the only one who has been around here almost as long as me. I still see him around campus now and then.

  • Mike Barkil squat 1 34K bytes

  • Mike Barkil squat 2 30K bytes

    I think his name was Steve with a long last name beginning with "P". He was an assistant strength coach at OSU.

  • Steve P. squat 36K bytes

    Not sure of his name, note Bryan Cunningham (white T-shirt) and Mike Barkil (Blue T-shirt) very vocally urging him on.

  • squat photo 37K bytes

    Not sure of his name either. Good shot of team support. Left to right - Mark Payne, Ron Clark, Bryan Cunningham, Kent McCord).

  • squat photo 36K bytes

    Mark Payne was a national level collegiate lifter. He proved a great squat can make up a lot of ground for a poor bench presser (he was like me, strong squat - weak bench). I have a good motor drive shot sequence of him doing a heavy squat in a meet on black and white film somewhere. I will try to post it.

  • Mark Payne Squat 39K bytes

    Erwin Reyes another excellent OSU lifter. Erwin's lats were so thick, I remember him having to cut his lifting suits down the side to make room for them. you can see some of his width in this photo.

  • Erwin Reyes Squat 38K bytes

    Ron Clark was one of few true 500 pound collegiate bench pressers. He held his own in the squat as well. He seemed to be the team leader both at meets and in training, although lifters are usually a pretty tough bunch to try to lead (usually very independent)

  • Ron Clark Squat 1 35K bytes

  • Ron Clark Squat 2 36K bytes

    Kent McCord was an inspiration to me and many others. He had worked out diligently with the team for a couple of years and then he was very severely injured in a grain elevator explosion. His ability to recover from the accident (and to lift in this meet) was in part due to his fitness level before the accident and to the mental toughness gained from lifting.

  • Kent McCord Squat 1 36K bytes

  • Kent McCord Squat 2 35K bytes

    I think this is Bob Baber. Again the team is spotting him soundly. In the gray T-shirt in the left of the photo (behind the lifters right shoulder) is Kim Brownfield one of the greatest bench-pressers ever in this area.

  • Bob Baber Squat 31K bytes

    I'm not sure who this is. They were not with the OSU team. He turned in one of the better squats. That's Brownfield urging him on from behind on the crutch.

  • Squat 32K bytes

    I've seen and gotten to know 3 great Oklahoma lifters that have had years of staying power at the national and world competitive level. Walter Thomas, Dennis Wright, and Rickey Crain. Rickey turned in some good squats at this meet. His dad was one of the judges earlier in the day and when I walked across the street to the local "greasy spoon" I brought his dad back a burger as he was still judging the meet. I remember that experience well. I was over there (burger joint across the street from the meet) with a friend and we ordered several of their local "monster burgers". After a while a very large gentleman (the cook) came out of the kitchen and looked at us for a while. We asked if something was wrong. He pointed at me and said, he had to come out and see me. No one had ever eaten two of their "monster burgers" before and I had done it plus was eating a huge pile of fries. I was a little embarrassed to have broken the local eating record without even trying and my friend ribbed me about it for a few months.

  • Rickey Dale Crain Squat 1 36K bytes

  • Rickey Dale Crain Squat 2 34K bytes

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