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Back in 1986 Strength Tech was the first to design and manufacture weight lifting equipment (bench press, power rack, bars and plates) specifically for youth. We targeted 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. We envisioned grade school P.E. classes using them with some other stations. Like some of our other ideas, we were a bit too far ahead of the times and the project died. We did shoot a bunch of photos of an Oklahoma State University weight lifting class to show at the Oklahoma Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance Conference at the Western Hills Lodge on 16 October 1986. At that conference we displayed these photos and some more plus the equipment for children. We used the photos to try to give the attendees an idea of what a weight lifting class might look like. The equipment was also exhibited at the 1986 and 1987 National Strength and Conditioning Association Conferences.

The photos were taken in the OSU weight room under Gallagher Hall (now Gallagher Iba Arena). This period of time is after the first renovation of the weight room. It used to look like a dungeon. Since these photos It has since been fixed up really nice (second renovation), I think that was a Garth Brooks Donation? Now it is being used by the basketball team and some other sports to handle the overflow from the big athletic weight room.

These photos of a fall 1986 OSU Weightlifting Class are typical of weight classes across the country. After some basic instruction in performing exercised properly and in the related sciences, the students are give a routine and often team up as they go around a loosely organized circuit. The instructor is free to monitor the class and to answer questions. One element not present in the photos, is the lifters writing their sets and reps in a logbook as they are completed or after the entire workout. Also not shown is a stretching warmup and cool down period.

Our first photo is of the class instructor, Steve Ballinger? He was one of the assistant strength coaches for the athletic facility. He is show doing some curls.

  • Class Instructor doing Curls curlsb.jpg 26K bytes

    As long as we're showing curls here is a series of 3 photos of one of the girls doing a curl. Note our bright orange Okie Grip Barbell collars on the bar, slight commercial : )

  • Curl at the Bottom curl1.jpg 44K bytes

  • Curl at the Middle curl2.jpg 40K bytes

  • Curl at the Top curl3.jpg 44K bytes

    Here are two nice photos of some of the guys doing hyperextensions.

  • Hyperextensions photo 1 hyext1.jpg 65K bytes

  • Hyperextensions photo 2 hyext2.jpg 74K bytes

    Her are two lunge photos. This first is shown with them using plates for additional load, and the second is shown using dumbbells.

  • Lunges with Plates lunge1.jpg 57K bytes

  • Lunges with Dumbbells lunge2.jpg 57K bytes

    Here is a nice photo of a lateral arm raise (butterfly) machine in use.

  • Lateral Arm Raise (Butterfly) Machine mach.jpg 57K bytes

    Here is a girl doing a high pull with a bar.

  • High Pull pullcb.jpg 20K bytes

    Here is a girl doing standing dumbbell pullovers.

  • Dumbbell Pullover pullov.jpg 30K bytes

    A guy doing bent over rows.

  • Bent Over Rows rowcb.jpg 58K bytes
    These two situp photos illustrate the concept of trading off (one hold while the other exercises), plus the use of the mirror gives the photo two looks at the exercise. This might be a nice effect to use in some training photos.

  • Situp Photo One situp1.jpg 57K bytes

  • Situp Photo Two situp2.jpg 55K bytes

    This is a nice 3 shot sequence of using an AMF leg sled. There are three different lifters involved, but you see the sled and their position at the bottom, mid range, and top of its travel.

  • Sled at the Bottom sledr.jpg 72K bytes

  • Sled at Mid-Range sledh.jpg 75K bytes

  • Sled at the Top sledf.jpg 76K bytes

    The final photo is of the squat. Again, notice our orange Okie Grip barbell collars on the bar. Also notice the spotter could be a little more attentive.

  • Squat squat.jpg 62K bytes

  • Note! several other files full of weight lifting photographs are reachable from the Photographs page. A link is provided at the bottom of this page.

    Photo preparation comments:
  • I shot these photos hand held with our 35 mm Canon A-1. They were shot in October of 1986 in the weight room in the basement of OSU's Gallagher Hall.
  • They were scanned (at 125% size) and cropped on a HP IIcx scanner and brought into Photo Shop 3.0.
  • The brightness was set to about -19 to -10 and the contrast to about +15. The -10 brightness was used on some of the photos with a lot of dark items in the background.
  • The saturation was set to about +10 to add some color.
  • The "adjust levels" function was used to cut back some from the right (white) to brighten up the photos. Not much was able to be cut as many of them are in white t-shirts or shorts which glare at higher cuts.
  • The sharpen filter was then applied to the photos
  • The fractile program described in the Photos section was used to make the jpg thumbprint from the full size bmps
  • Photoshop was used to convert the full size bmps to jpgs at the high quality level

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