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Reupholstery Tools List

STRENGTH TECH, INC. UPHOLSTERY TOOLS LIST P.O. BOX 1381 STILLWATER OK 74076 (800) 443-6543 If you will gather the following tools before you begin, your task will go much smoother. 1. A carpet knife with spare blades. 2. Heavy duty scissors to cut unusual shapes of vinyl. 3. An electric carving knife to use in cutting the foam, you may also need a recharger for your knife. 4. A chalk line to mark the foam where you will be cutting it. 5. A 5 foot steel or wooden ruler. 6. An 8 foot measuring tape. 7. A large carpenters square will make it easier to mark foam and vinyl. 8. A magic marker to mark the foam and vinyl. 9. Needle nose pliers to pull staples. 10. A sharp screwdriver may be needed to pull up or pry out some staples. 11. A hammer can be used to beat down staples that won't come out. 12. Small wrenches and socket wrenches to remove and reinstall the pieces you are recovering. 13. A heavy duty staple gun and staples, we have found that an air gun works best. We normally use wide crown staples with 5/16" legs. 14. Cardboard to cover the top of table while cutting vinyl. 15. Spray on adhesive to stick foam to wood. 16. Black spray paint, to cover exposed wood on incline benches, and other wood you want to paint. 17. Coarse sandpaper and a sanding block will aid in smoothing board edges. 18. A hand file for smoothing the edges of the boards. 19. T-nuts if desired. They are installed on top of the plywood (under the foam). Their 4 prongs stick deep in the plywood to prevent turning. This allows the bolts to be installed from underneath instead of sticking down through the boards. 20. Plywood 1/2, or 3/4" thick to make new boards if needed. 21. If you do need to cut new boards, a small crosscut saw will be helpful. 22. Two 2x4's three feet long for supporting foam while cutting it. 23. 4 foot x 6 foot tarp for covering the foam from light while storing it. 24. A first-aid kit and/or band aids. 25. Extension cords if needed. 26. Large trash can. 27. A portable radio makes the work seem to go faster. 28. A broom for cleaning up the work area.

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