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This section will lists the three major references on Weight Room Safety, Two of which were written by me.

Weight Room Safety Strategic Planning. By Gary Polson published as a 6 part article in the National Strength and Conditioning Association's journal, Strength and Conditioning.

Part I   in Vol.16 No.4. Pgs. 20-21.
Part II  in Vol.16 No.5. Pgs. 68-70.
Part III in Vol.16 No.6. Pgs. 62-65.
Part IV  in Vol.17 No.1. Pgs. 35-37.
Part V   in Vol.17 No.2. Pgs. 33-37.
Part VI  in Vol.17 No.3. Pgs. 52-55.

This series of articles discusses the concept of reducing all kinds of losses in the weight room. Not only preventing injuries, but also making athletes injury resistant and preventing other off-field losses including recreational drug use. It offers a detailed examination of all the potential losses and helps you develop a strategic plan to focus on certain items to obtain the greatest reduction in losses for your efforts. A series of 7 charts contain all the potential areas of loss. These charts can also be used to illustrate an overview of the program and for other educational purposes.

Strength Tech Institutional Weight Room Design Manual. Written by Gary Polson. 1991.

This 382 page book is the major work on Institutional Weight Room Design. It includes hundreds of design ideas that will improve the safety of the facility. It also includes many operational suggestions and programs that will also improve safety and reduce losses.

ACSM's Health Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines by the American College of Sports Medicine. 1992.

This book has minimal coverage of weight rooms specifically, but does have extensive coverage of other areas of typical athletic facilities. It is being promoted as the "standard of care" for the industry in legal cases (and not always being happily received by some of the facilities).

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